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Eleventh International Thermal Physics School
"Information sensory systems in thermophysical studies"

November 6 - 9, 2018


    The ITPS-11 aims to provide a platform for well-known scientists to disseminate knowledge to the younger generation of researchers.
    The ITPS-11 will focus on the results of theoretical, experimental, engineering and technological studies on the following topics:
  1. Fundamental and applied problems of heat and mass transfer.
  2. New energy-saving technologies, materials, fuel and non-traditional energy sources.
  3. New methods and information-sensory systems for thermophysical studies and measurements.
  4. Metrology, technical regulation and quality management.
  5. Economic problems of energy saving, measuring, monitoring, controlling and improving the quality of products, processes and services.
  6. Automation of methods of thermal control.
    The languages of the International Thermal Physics School are Russian and English.
    The Proceedings of the ITPS-11 will be published.
    The speaker can submit their proposals in the form of lectures, reports and poster presentations. The planned duration of lectures is 30 minutes, reports – 15 minutes. Proposals for poster presentations can be submitted as well.

    Please submit your enquiries to the Organizing Committee of ITPS-11 at the address:
    106 Sovetskaya, Tambov, 392000, TSTU, Department of Mechatronics and Technological Measurements.
    Please contact:
    Alexander Georgievich Divin, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor
    Pavel Vladimirovich Balabanov, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor
    Technical secretary: Maria Alekseevna Vinnitskaya.
    Tel: (8 4752)63-08-70, (8 4752)63-43-57.
    Fax: (8 4752)63-93-41, E-mail:

    For urgent enquires please use e-mail.
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