Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS)
Ministry of Education and Science of Russian Federation
National Committee for Thermophysical Properties of Substances of RAS
Lomonosov Moscow State University
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Bauman Moscow State Technical University
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Dushanbe Branch of Lomonosov Moscow State University.
Tambov State Technical University

Eleventh International Thermal Physics School
"Information sensory systems in thermophysical studies"

November 6 - 9, 2018


Speaker Proposal Requirements
    Lecturers, speakers and attendees of the IPTS-11 are expected to submit their proposals by October 1, 2018. Please fill in registration card (doc-file).
  1. The author has the right to publish 3 papers. The recommended size for lectures is up to 6 pages, reports - up to 4 pages, brief reports - up to 2 pages.
  2. The proposals must be submitted by e-mail ( as attached archived file. Please do not use self-extracting archives.
  3. Manuscripts of lectures and reports must be carefully proofread.
  4. The text must be typed in the Word editor. Paper size is A4, landscape. Font Times New Roman, size 14. Line spacing is 1.5. Indent is 0.75 cm. Margins: upper - 2 cm; left - 2 cm; lower - 2 cm; right - 2 cm. The letter spacing is normal. The interspace is one character. Automatic transfers (not manually). Text alignment is width. Figures are allowed in black and white, without halftones, in TIFF, JPG format with a resolution of at least 300 dots / inch. Tables are allowed only in portrait orientation. Mathematical formulas are typed in Microsoft Equation 3.0.
  5. Metadata: UDK. The authors’ surnames and initials must be typed in lower case letters in Russian and in English below. Each author’s affiliation is the official name in Russian and in English. Academic degree, title, position of each author must be typed both in Russian and in English. The TITLE is typed in the center in capital letters, the line spacing is 1. Abbreviations and hyphenation are not allowed in the title. Key words and abstract must be typed in Russian and in English.
  6. Proposals that neither meet the requirements, nor fit the theme of the event will not be included into the program and not returned to the authors.
    The best papers and reports will be published in the journals cited in RISC (Russian Index of Scientific Citation) and Chemical Abstracts.

    The registration fee for participation in ITPS-11 is 1500 rubles. The amount of the registration fee includes the costs of publishing the collection of works and additional materials (documents confirming the payment, the electronic version of which must be sent by e-mail
    1. Scan of payment receipt;
    2. The agreement of rendering of services (pdf-file);
    3. Act on the provision of services (pdf-file).)
    With the participation of absentia, the volume of Proceedings of ITPS-11 will be sent to the authors by regular post (cash on delivery). Accommodation, travel expenses and meals are covered by the ITPS-11 participants.
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